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Regular Friday golf competitions have been taking place in Almerimar since at least 1984 and perhaps for some time before then. It is our understanding that the tradition of buying bottles as prizes for Friday competitions is a long standing tradition. We continue to uphold that tradition.

The committee of the Friday Golf Society is the latest in a long line of organisers of these Friday events.  Previous organisers include Idris B, Joan & Peter and Marianne & Sune.

This website was created to house information about Friday golf events since responsibility for them was passed from Sune & Marianne to Jacqui & John in the autumn of 2007.

In November 2007 Jacqui & John decided to create a website called Almerimar Today Golf to hold information about the Friday competitions. Around the same time John & Jacqui started organising other Almerimar Today Golf events in collaboration with two other founding committee members of the society, Alan & Sharon.

The first such event was a match play competition between men and ladies. After much discussion Alan, Sharon, Jacqui and John decided to call the competition the Woodsly Cup.

The Woodsly Cup was such a success that it led to Almerimar Today Golf organising more competitions in addition to the regular Friday events.

At a New Years Eve party in 2010/11 a couple of friends of Alan, Sharon, Jacqui and John suggested forming a society. After a month or two of deliberation it was decided that we should form a society called Friday Golf Society. Planning for the launch of the society took place in the spring of 2011. The society was officially launched on 1 July 2011.

Not too long after the society was formed the management of the Almerimar golf course asked the society to become an official sporting organisation registered in Spain. FGS is now an official sporting organisation registered with the Junta de AndalucĂ­a.

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